Ponn Machine Cutting Company

Automated Die-Cutting

Ponn Machine’s automated die cutting stations support high-speed precision cutting at an economical cost. We work with you to increase material yields and reduced scrap through closer nesting of parts with automated die cutting of components including pads, insulators, and gaskets for your medical, scientific and industrial applications.

Our wide array of automated die cutting machines enable us to produce quantities from a few hundred to millions of gaskets as small as .050” to 12” in diameter. We will match your gasket requirements with one of our many cutting capabilities that will produce your parts in a fast and economical manner.

Automated Die Cutting Products Experience

Our experience die cutting products and components for our customers includes:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Gaskets
  • Pads
  • Insulators

Automated Die Cutting Capabilities & Equipment

Our comprehensive range of automated die cutting capabilities and equipment include:

  • High-speed
  • Large volume
  • Rotary presses
  • CNC presses
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